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Is the best yet to come?

The world is changing all around us.

 People read their news online instead of picking up a paper. Books are purchased and read on devices rather than taking up dusty space on a shelf. Texts have replaced phone calls the same way that emails replaced letters long ago.

The job market changes before a freshman designating a major can graduate.

Racing is changing, too.

Fewer horses, fewer races, fewer days, fewer racetracks. Less can be more!

Gone are the five and six day race weeks carding between nine and thirteen races. Quality over quantity!

People don’t attend the movies every night and your local sporting team doesn’t play five times a week. People look forward to a season and a game.

When you purchase a ticket to a movie, play, or sporting event you get a seat. You can watch what other people are doing. You can’t participate at the symphony, the opera, the NFL, or the NBA. That’s where horse racing has an edge.

Horse racing is the greatest participation sport in the world. You don’t just get a seat. You can play right along on many different levels. At the end of the day when someone asks you who won you can say, “I did!”

Racing allows you to be a spectator, place a wager, and even own a horse. Once you learn a bit about handicapping and money management the return on investment can be surprising. Owning a horse can be risky, but the average person can’t buy a sporting franchise. Partnerships are a great way to diversify and get your feet wet with a bit of discretionary income.

I invite you to learn about this sport and the variety of ways it can reach out to you. Choose how you want to play the game and pass it along.

The Track Diva brand was created 15 years ago by Joanne Jones to give women an entree to horse racing through her Diva Days.

Women have long been an underserved market! The hope is that Track Diva will provide a place for women (and men) to visit. You will be able to get acquainted with racing as well as arm yourself with the necessary tools to have a successful day at the track.

We will feature articles and handicapping, highlight different women in the sport, and offer a boutique with select pieces from female designers. We will explore the nuances that make horse racing the greatest participation sport in the world!

Please peruse the site, send a question or comment, and keep coming back as Joanne will post and handicap every racing day. Be on the lookout for new additions in the coming months.

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